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The line of innocence and guilt in the media glare

It’s been a particularly trying time for justice in the past few weeks here in Britain, with the Meredith Kercher murder inquiry reaching boiling point in re-trials, as well as the start of the Jo Yeates murder/manslaughter court proceedings in Bristol. What both of these cases have challenged with their various suspects is the notion … Continue reading

One of Your Own: Carol Ann Lee discusses her book on Myra Hindley

‘That awful mug shot’ was how the famous murderess Myra Hindley described the 1965 image that has sealed her in the public memory for decades. She bemoaned the fact that it was permanently associated with her, arguing in an open letter to the Guardian newspaper that ‘people can change’. Carol Ann Lee grew up knowing … Continue reading

The 39 Steps: 1959 film adaptation

Not every hero has to possess the suave charm of James Bond or the action potential of a Marvel comic strip; some of the easiest characters to love are the ones who reek of normality and wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. Richard Hannay (Kenneth More) is definitely part of this brigade, and he manages … Continue reading

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