My Journalism Part 3 – Spring/Summer 2012

It’s still been less than a year since I qualified as a journalist, though it seems like a lot longer, but already I’m itching to get my hands on some new projects. Since October I’ve been working full time as a Destination Marketer (think content writer meets SEO) but that hasn’t deterred me from taking on journalistic work and continuing to write in my spare time. At the end of 2011 I finished my guest blog for Bitch Media, meaning that I will be able to return to my slightly neglected personal blogs, whilst I’m greeting 2012 with some continuing commitments and some new challenges too.


Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year Competition

In February I entered Grazia Magazine’s search for a fashion blogger, which involved three semi-finalists reporting from the front row of the Holly Fulton show for Autumn/Winter 2012. I’m pleased (and stunned) to say that I was one of the lucky three, and you will shortly be able to vote for the winner via the Grazia Daily website. In the mean time, here’s a bit more about the blogging semi-finalists, and a link to the Holly Fulton show report via my fashion blog.

It was such a privilege to attend the show and we got to interview Holly afterwards, who was really warm and friendly. Grazia’s lovely Editor-at-Large, Angela Buttolph, also gave us a guided tour of the magazine offices, which was amazing and surreal. For someone who has spent years dreaming of working at such a publication, this was – as cheesy as it sounds – a dream come true.


This Affected Youth

I’m still writing for this fantastic current affairs website. I started the year with a round-up of 2011 in fashion which featured the dubious actions of Kanye West and the slightly bonkers sequinned swimming caps at Prada.

I then followed this up with a detailed report of the Milan and Paris menswear shows for Autumn/Winter 2012 (shown in January), which included quirky brick print, deep colours and an incredible amount of biscuit.

The website will be having its revamp in early March, when I will be officially promoted to Arts and Entertainment co-editor alongside Nicola Marchant. I’m really enjoying working with the team and there’s a great mix of people from different backgrounds and work environments coming together to produce the content.



I have also continued to work with the British art site, Artface, though obviously I can’t attend previews in the working week due to my job. This season I managed to catch the fascinating show, David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, at the Royal Academy in London. It was a blend of his Yorkshire, Yosemite and Grand Canyon studies, with the vast landscapes sharing some similarities.





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