My Journalism Part 2 – Autumn/Winter 2011

Online Pieces

I have continued to write reviews for the website Artface (www.artface.co.uk), and I also continue to help with our Twitter presence (@ArtfaceUK), which I instigated to generate traffic.

Women War Artists at the Imperial War Museum

As a pacifist, I didn’t know quite how I’d react to this show. However, I found it moving and revealing, and I would recommend seeing it for the talent of these female artists.

Postmodernism at the Victoria and Albert Museum

This major exhibition encompasses an artistic movement that spanned music, film, fashion, architecture, design and homeware. As a child of the postmodern era, it was exciting to see what I was born into. I particularly loved viewing clothing by Chanel and Comme des Garcons (as well as my favourite designer, Vivienne Westwood).

Gerhardt Richter at Tate Modern

It was interesting to revisit Richter as a journalist because I last focused on him as an art undergraduate. Casting a critical eye is very different from finding inspiration, but I was also able to appreciate his works when they were shown to scale in their original form. Books on Richter don’t quite do him justice, in comparison to seeing the real thing.


I have also written again for the current affairs site This Affected Youth

They Said WHAT?! How American Apparel Has Made Enemies For Its BIG Offensive Competition

The clothing company American Apparel is no stranger to controversy, but it went one step too far with a search for an amateur XL model which thoroughly insulted the participants and their size. Nancy Upton was the woman to challenge them, by entering the competition with a series of food-centric photos and creating a global discussion about what it means to be considered plus-size.

How to Decode Fashion Week: What We’ll All Be Wearing in a Few Months’ Time

As a fashion writer I’m really comfortable writing about the subject, but I know that many people out there don’t really ‘get’ how it all works and why collections for next summer have just been shown in September. It’s undeniably confusing for those outside the industry, so I wanted to offer a sort of beginner’s guide to the SS12 trends, without any industry jargon.

They Said WHAT?! (Part 2) Topman Seemingly Advocates Domestic Violence and Degrading Women in One Fell Swoop

Following on from my American Apparel piece, I examined another example of terrible text in fashion retail – this time courtesy of Topman. The menswear brand hit the headlines (for all the wrong reasons) with two slogan t-shirts that were badly worded and offensive to shoppers and the general public. I dissected the language of the products and discussed why Topman was wrong to try and sell them in the first place.

Aside from my articles, I’ve also been contributing to our collaborative music review series, the Sunday Shuffle.


Guest Blogging

Art and Feminism for Bitch Media Online

In November I started an eight week guest blogging position for the American feminist icons Bitch Media, who generate the Bitch website and produce Bitch magazine. If the title of their company offends you, please don’t take it to heart – the use of this word is about reclaiming it and making it a word that women can take back for themselves. My blog posts explore the often overlooked contribution that females make to the art world, and how we tend to be accepted more as models to be gazed at rather than being the people behind the canvas.

Key topics covered in this guest blog:

Is Valie Export’s manifesto still relevant to modern feminism?

The ultimate heroine for female artists – Artemisia Gentileschi.

Tracey Emin: Eminist or Feminist?

You can read all of my blog posts via my Bitch Media profile. As ever, please feel free to comment on my articles and share your views.




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