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Masterclass in Theatre Criticism with Michael Coveney

“Aim for posterity in the context of what happened last night,” began Michael Coveney, a well-respected critic who has covered theatre for the Independent, What’s On Stage and the Daily Mail, to name but a few. He decided to share his wisdom and offer advice on how to break into this niche area of journalism, … Continue reading

The Hour: Episodes 3-4

Episode 3 A clever piece of plotting trickery leaves the audience in suspense within minutes as we open on a murder scene; it is soon revealed that we’re just part of the audience watching Adam Le Ray (Ruth Elms’ fiancee) acting in a play. Bel is keen to point out that Le Ray doesn’t appear … Continue reading

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin

  This is my brand new blog, and my own personal attempt at the mind-boggling world of WordPress. My other blog (yup, I sound pretentious there) is on Blogspot and covers fashion and culture, but I wanted this one to tackle what would perhaps be called more ‘heavyweight’ issues. Of course, there are other light-hearted … Continue reading

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