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10 new careers for Fox and Werritty

With the recent news that Dr. Liam Fox has resigned as Defence Secretary due to some 44 occasions where he decided to take a friend (Adam Werritty) to work, it’s clear that the Fox and Werritty double act still has some mileage left in it. Why else would you consistently invite someone on 18 of your business trips unless you envisioned a life beside them, a la Ant and Dec? Here’s ten ideas for this duo’s next move:

1. Gritty ITV police drama, Fox and Werritty – following on from ITV’s much-repeated geriatric sleuth soap, Rosemary and Thyme, comes this new crimefighting team, where the criminals are outwitted by the double blow of these two heavyweights.

2. Pantomime horse – no word yet on who will be front and who will be back end.

3. Regular presenting slot on National Lottery – because the current crop of stars is getting a little tired, and they’re always on their own. A nice pair would make things cosier.

4. Selling stories involving Imogen Thomas, Ryan Giggs or Kerry Katona. There’s even more celebrity cash to be made if there’s two of you (proof: Jordan and interchangeable husband, Kerry Katona and interchangeable husband, Imogen Thomas and interchangeable sportsman).

5. Travel advertising – because we all know they love a foreign trip together.

6. Three-legged race champions – they would surely move in sync.

7. Contestants on Channel 4’s Coach Trip – you need to be a duo to take part in this series (most people take their friend, partner or parent) and you get to see the sights of Europe at the same time. Win-win situation.

8. Christmas Number 1 – with a cover of Kylie and Jason’s ‘Especially For You’, to celebrate their friendship.

9. The new Chuckle Brothers – there’s plenty of potential for a Fox-Werritty catchphrase that trumps ‘To me, to you’.

10. Professional Tennis Doubles –  it’s all about the teamwork. We could stand a chance at Wimbledon with these two.


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