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The Next Wrinkle-Buster – Article for Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine

Here is the second of my Pigeons and Peacocks articles – please click on each thumbnail to enlarge and view the page.This longer feature (following on from a piece by the fashion blogger Susie Bubble, no less) explores our attitudes to anti-ageing strategies throughout our lives.

In the modern world we have become increasingly concerned with wrinkles, stretch marks and age spots, meaning that many of us will have developed regimented skincare routines with serums or lotions, if not preventative surgery, by the time we’re 30. For this feature I interviewed a Molecular Genetics graduate with two years’ cosmetics industry experience, and a Cosmetic Science technician who has worked with the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. I also created an age-divided focus group to find out what different groups had to say about their attitudes to showing or disguising the effects of getting older. It was great to really investigate this issue in detail and reveal a fuller picture of Britain’s reliance on miracle creams and Botox.


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I'm a journalist, based near Brighton. This blog, which is separate from my professional life, will document my reaction to current affairs, as well as some personal projects.


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