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Are Book Covers Too Generic? The Male Edition

Of course, it goes without saying that my book cover articles are not exclusively for ‘male’ or ‘female’ readers; I’m focusing on the target audience that a specific genre of book is aimed at. In the case of these three stereotypical offerings, which again have been mocked up by me to illustrate a point, men are the key readers.

They want shouty typography for their thrillers, and minimal artistic interference. I chose flames as a background to emphasise the volatility of the standard plot, which normally features a massive institutional cover-up and an ignorant public.

Meanwhile, the briefcase-centric City read is depicted as plainly as possible, because these people thrive on facts, graphs and simplicity. It’s probably a very tedious read, containing lots of buzz-words and hideous phrases such as ‘Guys, we need to action this’.

Lastly, the travel offering is based on the genre’s tendency to make incredible physical and mental effort sound like a doddle, such as paddling a canoe whilst saving your marriage and playing online poker. These kind of books tend to end up in the charity shop when the reader tries to take a sabbatical and ‘find themselves’, only to realise that they are not made of explorer material.


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