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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin

I drew this as part of my undergraduate degree portfolio.


This is my brand new blog, and my own personal attempt at the mind-boggling world of WordPress. My other blog (yup, I sound pretentious there) is on Blogspot and covers fashion and culture, but I wanted this one to tackle what would perhaps be called more ‘heavyweight’ issues. Of course, there are other light-hearted things that would seem equally inappropriate in a fashion blog, so I’ll be dealing with those too. This will hopefully serve as something of an online portfolio for my readers and for myself, placing everything into a virtual compartment whilst simultaneously releasing it into the ether.

I hope you find something useful or intriguing, or even just unusual, in what you read here. Please feel free to comment and share ideas.


P.S. If you’d prefer to get into the fashion side of things, look no further than: http://soulisrainingclothes.blogspot.com


About Polly

I'm a journalist, based near Brighton. This blog, which is separate from my professional life, will document my reaction to current affairs, as well as some personal projects.


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