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Are Book Covers Too Generic? The Male Edition

Of course, it goes without saying that my book cover articles are not exclusively for ‘male’ or ‘female’ readers; I’m focusing on the target audience that a specific genre of book is aimed at. In the case of these three stereotypical offerings, which again have been mocked up by me to illustrate a point, men … Continue reading

Montacute House – A trip to visit my ancestors’ workplace

Here are some photos from my recent visit to Montacute House in Somerset, where my ancestors and their siblings were tailoresses, boxmakers, kitchen maids and serving maids. It was fascinating to see where they spent their day-to-day lives. Obviously there was a sense of strangeness as I was able to walk around the master’s quarters … Continue reading

Three books to read this year…

If I had to choose just three books (excluding the ones I’ve already ploughed through) to try in 2011, I’d pick these: The Book of Human Skin, by Michelle Lovric. The title intrigues me and the cover art reminded me of Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle, which I loved. Lovric’s story is set in Venice and … Continue reading

Are Book Covers Too Generic? The Female Edition

Whilst sitting down to the first in a new series of the excellent TV Book Club on More 4, it occurred to me that I knew exactly what kind of fiction they were going to discuss, merely by looking at the cover artwork. These days, publishers are completely switched on to tried and tested colour-schemes … Continue reading

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin

  This is my brand new blog, and my own personal attempt at the mind-boggling world of WordPress. My other blog (yup, I sound pretentious there) is on Blogspot and covers fashion and culture, but I wanted this one to tackle what would perhaps be called more ‘heavyweight’ issues. Of course, there are other light-hearted … Continue reading

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