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Machined Media and the Content Crisis

Last week I attended the Brighton SEO conference, which was basically a gathering of people who work in Search Engine Optimisation, online marketing, web content creation and PR (with the odd journalist thrown in for good measure). Amongst the inspiring talks during the day, a particular statistic from Philip Sheldrake’s Future SEO Vistas discussion really … Continue reading

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  • Off to @southbankcentre for a Brief Encounter screening, wearing 1940s-esque clothing and ready for an RP lesson. Toodle-pip. 1 day ago
  • Anyone else getting an air of the Grand Budapest Hotel from #HotelIndia? Serious job dedication on levels of the great Gustave H. 3 days ago
  • @chicadeedeee Thanks so much, Dannielle! Too kind :) 3 days ago
  • 83-year-old Maria defying all the laws of ageing on #HotelIndia and also hanging out in Mumbai for half the year. Respect. 3 days ago
  • I actually know most of the lines to the film. Quite worrying. 5 days ago

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